China high quality Stainless Steel / Galvanized Zinc Plated DIN444 Swing Bolt Eyebolts Eye Screw

Product Description

Galvanized Zinc Plated DIN444 Swing Bolt Eyebolts Eye Screw


Product Description

Product Name: 304/316 Stainless Steel Fish Eye Bolt


Description: Our stainless steel fish eye bolt is made from high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. It is available in various sizes and is suitable for lifting applications. Choose from a range of options, including carbon steel and galvanized finishes. Perfect for industrial and construction use.


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Vigor Fasteners – Product Description


HangZhou Vigor Fasteners Trading Co., Ltd.


Vigor Fasteners is a company with over 14 years of experience in the fasteners industry. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, strong focus on customer service, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our wide range of products can be applied in various industries, with a particular emphasis on the construction industry. Our bolts and screws are known for their versatility and reliability.


What sets us apart from the competition is our deep understanding of our products and how they can benefit our business partners. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers, and this trust is something that can only be developed over time.


Main Products:


  • Drop-in Anchor
  • Drop-in Anchor with Lip
  • Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchor
  • Sleeve Anchor with Flange Nut
  • Chemical Anchor
  • Wedge Anchor
  • Stub Bolt
  • Nylon Anchor
  • Tie Wire Anchor
  • Hollow Wall Anchor
  • Swivel Band Hanger
  • Hex Socket Set Screw DIN913/914/915/916-45H
  • Automotive Hub Bolt
  • Flange Head Cap Screw
  • Bush Hammer Bit with Alloy Tips
  • DIN912 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw
  • DIN7991 Socket Flat Head Cap Screw
  • ISO7380 Button Socket Head Cap Screw
  • Hex Key DIN911 (Wrenches)
  • Driver Bits
  • Hand Tools (Shooting Tools and Shooting Nails)


At Vigor Fasteners, we believe in building a strong bridge between us and our customers. Trust is not something that can be fabricated; it is earned through years of dedicated care. Let us help you fasten it in the whole world.


Product Description


Product Description


Welcome to HangZhou Vigor Fasteners Trading Co., Ltd.! We are here to provide you with high-quality products and excellent service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Q: How can I get a quotation?


A: To receive a quotation, please provide us with detailed information about your request. Include item number, style, logo, size, material, surface treatment, and quantity. The more details you provide, the better. You can leave us an inquiry or email us, and we will respond promptly.


Q: How can I get a free sample?


A: We recommend working with T/T, PayPal, or Western Union for payment. These options are all available.


Q: What is the process of placing an order?


A: The order process is as follows: Send us an inquiry, receive a quotation, make payment, open mold and create samples, deliver the samples or send pictures for approval, and proceed with mass production.


Q: When can I expect the customized product to be finished?


A: For samples, the standard time is 7-10 working days. For bulk orders, the standard time is 20-25 working days.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Type: Round Head
Connection: Common Bolt
Head Style: Round
Standard: DIN, ANSI, GB, JIS, BSW
Grade: 4.8 , 8.8
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




eye bolt screw

Are there industry standards or regulations governing the use of eye bolt screws?

Yes, there are industry standards and regulations that govern the use of eye bolt screws. These standards and regulations are in place to ensure the safety, reliability, and proper usage of eye bolt screws in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Industry Standards:

Industry standards provide guidelines and specifications for the design, materials, testing, and installation of eye bolt screws. These standards are developed and maintained by organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and various national and international standards bodies. The specific standards applicable to eye bolt screws may vary depending on factors such as the industry, application, and geographic location.

Some common industry standards related to eye bolt screws include:

  • ASME B18.15: This standard provides dimensional requirements for metric eye bolts.
  • ASME B18.15.2: This standard covers the dimensional requirements for inch series eye bolts.
  • ISO 3266: This standard specifies the mechanical properties and dimensions of eye bolts with metric threads.
  • ISO 3266 (Inch Series): Similar to ISO 3266, this standard covers the mechanical properties and dimensions of eye bolts with inch series threads.
  • ASME B30.26: This standard, part of the ASME B30 series, provides guidelines for the rigging hardware used in lifting applications, including eye bolts.

These standards ensure that eye bolt screws meet specific dimensional requirements, mechanical properties, and performance criteria. Compliance with industry standards helps to ensure the interchangeability and compatibility of eye bolt screws across different manufacturers and promotes safe and reliable usage in various industries.

Regulations and Codes:

In addition to industry standards, there may be regulations and codes set forth by regulatory bodies and government agencies that govern the use of eye bolt screws in specific applications or industries. These regulations aim to ensure the safety of workers, equipment, and the general public. The specific regulations applicable to eye bolt screws may vary depending on factors such as the jurisdiction and the nature of the application.

For example, in industries such as construction, maritime, or oil and gas, regulatory bodies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States or the European Union’s Machinery Directive may have specific requirements or guidelines for the use of eye bolt screws in lifting, rigging, or anchoring operations. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards and to prevent accidents or failures.

It is important for individuals and organizations to be aware of and comply with relevant industry standards and regulations governing the use of eye bolt screws in their specific applications. This helps to ensure the proper selection, installation, and usage of eye bolt screws, promoting safety, reliability, and compliance with industry best practices.

eye bolt screw

What factors should be considered when selecting eye bolt screws for specific applications?

When selecting eye bolt screws for specific applications, several factors need to be considered to ensure the appropriate choice that meets the requirements of the application. These factors include:

  1. Load Capacity: Determine the anticipated load that the eye bolt screw will need to support. Consider both the static and dynamic loads, as well as any potential shock or impact loads. Choose an eye bolt screw with a load capacity that exceeds the expected loads to provide a safety margin.
  2. Material Strength: Evaluate the strength properties required for the application. Eye bolt screws are available in various materials, such as steel, stainless steel, or other alloys. Consider factors such as tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness to ensure the selected eye bolt screw can withstand the applied loads without deformation or failure.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Assess the environmental conditions in which the eye bolt screw will be used. If the application involves exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive elements, choose eye bolt screws with corrosion-resistant materials or coatings, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, to prevent premature corrosion and maintain the integrity of the screw.
  4. Thread Type: Consider the type of thread required for the specific application. Eye bolt screws may have different thread types, such as coarse threads or fine threads. Coarse threads provide quicker installation and higher resistance to vibrational loosening, while fine threads offer finer adjustments and increased holding power.
  5. Attachment Point: Determine the method of attachment and the hardware that will be connected to the eye bolt screw. Consider the size and shape of the eye to ensure compatibility with the intended hardware, such as ropes, cables, or chains. The eye should provide a secure and properly fitting attachment point to minimize the risk of slippage or failure.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Check if there are specific industry standards, regulations, or certifications that the eye bolt screw needs to meet. Industries such as construction, marine, or aerospace may have specific requirements for eye bolt screws. Ensure that the selected eye bolt screw complies with the relevant standards and regulations to ensure safety and reliability.
  7. Installation Method: Consider the installation method and the available equipment for installing the eye bolt screw. Some applications may require specific tools or techniques for proper installation. Ensure that the selected eye bolt screw can be easily installed using the available resources without compromising the installation quality.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the most suitable eye bolt screws for specific applications. It is important to consult with industry professionals, engineers, or manufacturers to ensure that the chosen eye bolt screws meet the specific requirements and provide a reliable and safe solution for the intended application.

eye bolt screw

In what industries or scenarios are eye bolt screws commonly employed?

Eye bolt screws are commonly employed in various industries and scenarios where a reliable and secure attachment point is required. Their versatility and ability to accommodate different loads and materials make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some industries and scenarios where eye bolt screws are commonly used:

  1. Construction and Rigging: Eye bolt screws are widely used in the construction and rigging industry. They provide a secure anchor point for attaching cables, ropes, or chains to lift heavy objects, such as equipment, structural components, or construction materials. Eye bolt screws are essential for rigging operations, scaffolding systems, temporary structures, and the safe movement of loads during construction or renovation projects.
  2. Marine and Boating: In the marine and boating industry, eye bolt screws are employed for various purposes. They serve as attachment points for ropes, lines, or cables used in securing sails, rigging, or mooring. Eye bolt screws made from corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, are preferred in marine environments due to their resistance to saltwater and harsh weather conditions.
  3. Outdoor and Recreational Activities: Eye bolt screws find applications in outdoor and recreational activities. They are used to create secure attachment points for hanging swings, hammocks, zip lines, or other recreational equipment. Eye bolt screws are also utilized in camping, hiking, and adventure sports for setting up shelters, securing equipment, or establishing temporary structures.
  4. Manufacturing and Industrial: Eye bolt screws play a vital role in manufacturing and industrial settings. They are utilized for hanging fixtures, overhead conveyors, or jigs and fixtures. Eye bolt screws facilitate the safe and efficient movement of materials, components, or workpieces within production lines or assembly processes. They are also employed in equipment installation, maintenance, and securing loads during transportation within manufacturing facilities.
  5. Automotive and Transportation: In the automotive and transportation industries, eye bolt screws are used for various purposes. They serve as anchor points for securing cargo, tying down loads in trucks or trailers, or attaching accessories like bike racks or roof boxes. Eye bolt screws designed for automotive applications often feature additional provisions for mounting brackets or hardware.
  6. Utilities and Power Distribution: Eye bolt screws are commonly employed in utilities and power distribution systems. They are used for attaching cables, wires, or grounding equipment to utility poles, towers, or other structures. Eye bolt screws provide a reliable and secure connection for electrical and communication infrastructure, ensuring the stability and safety of power distribution networks.

These are just a few examples of industries and scenarios where eye bolt screws are commonly employed. Their versatility and wide range of applications make them essential in many other fields, such as mining, agriculture, aerospace, entertainment, and more. When using eye bolt screws, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the application, including load capacity, material strength, corrosion resistance, and compliance with safety regulations, to ensure safe and reliable performance.

China high quality Stainless Steel / Galvanized Zinc Plated DIN444 Swing Bolt Eyebolts Eye Screw  China high quality Stainless Steel / Galvanized Zinc Plated DIN444 Swing Bolt Eyebolts Eye Screw
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